Consulting made easy

We are a powerful team with extensive non-profit experience, and we are here to serve as your professional filler.

The KVG team has unique perspectives relating to the barriers of limited staff capacity and professional gaps and its effects on maintaining progress. Non-profit entities, and the early learning field in general, bring meaningful change into the world – let us be your champion and advocates. 


Let’s sit down and discuss your organization’s goals and intentions. Together we will develop creative ways to achieve your goals.


We go beyond just making a plan. Throughout the project, campaign or our time working together, we hold each other accountable.


Our partnership goes beyond ideas and follow-through. We become invested in your cause and use our connections to build a community of support around your goals.


We will work together to create out-of-the-box ideas to raise funds for your cause, starting with brainstorming, all the way through execution, and ending with wrap-up.

Our Services

Project Management

Do you wish you had a copy of yourself in the work place? Do you have a project that is just to big for one person to handle but not big enough to invest in an additional employee? This is where KVG can help! We are here to be a professional gap filler and help with your planning and coordination needs.

Meeting facilitation, small and large group team building, internal capacity building, and social media curation. 

Event Organization and Implementation

From the big picture, to the small details, creating and implementing events is in the KVG wheelhouse. Many awareness or community outreach projects should include either virtual or in person events. Events can be to inform, fundraise, or spread a message and ask for action steps in return. Whether it be a single event or an event wrapped into an awareness and outreach campaign, KVG can help you take this on!

Communications and Awareness

Communication is at the centerpiece of any successful team, partnership and awareness campaign. I view communications like a story to tell. You get to know the characters, give the intro, build up to the climax of the story and then have a good resolution. To have a community or group of people become invested in your story you have to tell the story in ways they can understand and gravitate towards. If links of communication are missing, there will always be holes in the story. Why would anyone want to read a book to its end if the main character is missing?


KVG can also help to mentor individuals or organizations on a specific project, skill, or needed area of improvement. Every leaders should have a mentor that can ground them and push them to reach newer and higher goals.


Kayla is a doer. She gets things done. Her work with Early Learner South Dakota, Black Hills Reads, and as a board member of the SDAEYC, has been instrumental in transforming the early learner movement in our state. Kayla’s passion for children and her determination to make a difference has been the key to changing the early learning landscape in South Dakota.

Kevin Nelson

Educational Specialist for South Dakota Public Broadcasting & former elementary principal.

We have worked with Kayla on many projects for Early Learner South Dakota and Black Hills Reads. She is pleasant, professional and timely. She is super organized and leaves no detail to chance.  We have been a part of Kayla’s process of launching an initiative from the ground floor. Something that was once an idea, she nurtured and guided, from planning, to execution all the way through close-out evaluation. We always look forward to assisting her in achieving her projects.

Kim Borsch

Owner, Mile Up Marketing Solutions

As a legislator with a busy schedule who can’t attend every meeting, her ability to communicate clearly during meetings and after with a briefing was extremely helpful. Most importantly, Kayla cares about moving good work forward. She comfortably delegated work so our group could reach our goals within a reasonable timeline.

Representative Erin Healy

South Dakota Legislatures House of Representatives, District 14